€ 290,00

The exclusive formula of the Dermastir Sterile Vials H53EGF will stimulate the epidermal growth and elasticity of the skin. 

€ 68,00

The natural extract of Padina Pavonica contained in the Dermastir Twisters Eye and Lip contour, ensures a protective barrier against free radicals and moisturizes the delicate area at the same time. 

€ 290,00

The Dermastir 16 EBF Injectable vials hydrate the skin and fill the loss of the extracellular, caused by the ageing processes. 

€ 29,50

Dermastir Multivitamin Collagen Liquid Capsules combines GLA Omega 6, liquid ceramides and other important ingredients that boost the elasticity, increase the hydration levels of the skin and improves its overall health. 

€ 188,00

Dermastir Elettra is an exclusive high frequency device with strong anty-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerating actions. 

€ 168,00

The exclusive and luxurious Dermastir Starter Kit is the perfect package with some of the most important serums for each necessity of the skin, and an integrated massaging Cellular Bar.

€ 24,00 € 48,00 -50%

A redness neutralizer serum ideal for sensitive or problematic skin conditions.

€ 7,50

The Eye Contour Peel off mask will bring fresh ingredients to the eye zone, ensuring the overall regeneration of this delicate area. The Eye Contour Peel off mask eliminates impurities and prepares the skin for the following steps of the treatment.

€ 136,00

Dermastir Twisters – Duo Pack contains one box of Dermastir Twister CoQ10 (50 monodose capsules) and one box of Dermastir Twister Retinol (50 monodose capsules).

€ 68,00

The Dermastir Resurfacing Post-Op serum normalizes epidermal renewal to create a noticeably smoother, softer surface texture. 

€ 24,00 € 48,00 -50%

Dermastir whitening serum has been tested to be as effective as the leading medical standard for treating hyperpigmentation. Tyrosinase inhibition decreases the melanin production. 

€ 88,00

The Day Cream SPF 30+ Tinted will moisturize your skin, protecting it against the sun damage and will make your skin tone even and radiant.