Dermastir Post-Op Mask- Hyaluronic Eye and Lip Contour


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Dermastir Eye Lip Contour Hyaluronic Post-op mask is a post-op skincare product, specifically created for the eye and lip contour area. 

1 x 6ml
Made in France
License holder
Alta Care Laboratoires, Piazza di Spagna, 6 – 00187 Rome, Italy.


Dermastir Eye Lip Contour Hyaluronic Post-op monodose mask takes care of the most sensitive and fragile area in the face, which is the most exposed to the premature signs of aging. The Eye contour mask forms a protective barrier around the eye contour, which is important after aesthetic procedures, as well as in a daily prevention of premature skin aging.

Dermastir  Eye Lip Contour Hyaluronic Post-op mask is also suitable to use alone as a course of treatments. 


HYALURONIC ACID: Retains moisture in the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, essential to prevent the skin drying out

PALMITOYL PENTAPEPTIDE-4: Structure-giving properties, visual impact on the signs of aging  


The collagen production is accelerated and dark circles are brightened, thanks to the high absorption of ingredients – 50 times the common eye membrane. 

  • Post-op: post-laser, post-peel, post-eye contour treatments
  • Anti-wrinkle of the eye contour and post anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Decongestant effect on the eye bags
  • Reduced signs of fatigue 
  • Action on dark circles, more relaxed look
  • Protective hydrating barrier

Key Points 

  • Post-op skincare product with excellent occlusive properties, specifically indicated for the eye contour area
  • Monodose mask adheres like the second skin, no treatment bed needed
  • The mask becomes invisible, once applied. Practical to use.
  • Enhanced stimulation of collagen, elastin, hyauronic acid
  • Releases ingredients constantly throughout the time of application
  • Noticeably improves the skin of the eye contour area, contributing to the general look of the face

Directions for use

Remove the outer layer of the eye and lip contour mask. Apply the mask on a cleansed and dry eye or lip contour. Leave the mask to perform for 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mask and massage the serum. Do not rinse.

Quantity1 x 6ml
ManufactureMade in France
License holderAlta Care Laboratoires, Piazza di Spagna, 6 – 00187 Rome, Italy.

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