€ 12,50

The Dermastir Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Face mask is a post-op medical device that stimulates the production of collagen and is extremely efficient after any kind of aesthetic procedure – botox, laser, fillers, and more. 

€ 12,50

Dermastir Post-op Whitening Face Mask is a monodose post-op medical device, containing Ellagic acid, famous for its brightening properties. 

€ 12,50

Dermastir Bio-Cellular Neck Mask is a medical device, monodose post-op mask, recommended after all types of neck procedures.

€ 14,80

Dermastir Bio-Cellular Breast Mask is a post-op mask, categorized as a medical device, recommended after procedures, as it stimulates the production of collagen. 

€ 9,80

The Dermastir Hyaluronic Post-op Face mask is a post-op medical device that is extremely efficient after different aesthetic procedures. 

€ 5,80

The Dermastir Eye Lip Contour Hyaluronic Post-op mask has been especially created to form a protective layer on the sensitive eye contour, stimulating the production of collagen at the same time.