€ 68,00

Dermastir Tsunami provides a deep cleansing action. It can be used on all skin types.

€ 9,80

The exclusive formula of Dermastir Pre-op Heat Mask will purify the skin, eliminating dead cells and impurities, leaving the skin deeply cleansed and bright. 

€ 39,50

Dermastir Sun Protection SPF 50+ has a protective action that will delay the formation of wrinkles  and signs of ageing. 

€ 49,00

Dermastir Sun Protection SPF 50+ Tinted protects the skin from damaging sun rays and restores the hydration levels of the skin. 

€ 46,40 € 58,00 -20%

The Dermastir Auto-Dropper Redness is the ideal serum for sensitive and problematic skin, as it reduces redness and it calms the skin after procedures. 

€ 52,80 € 88,00 -40%

The Vitamin C in the Dermastir Vitamin C Ampoules is well known for its antioxidant and whitening properties, as it protects the skin against photo-ageing and leaves it radiant and bright. 

€ 68,00

Dermastir CoEnzyme Q10 Twisters supply the necessary oxygen to the cells, which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

€ 88,00

Dermastir Allantoin and Cucumber Ampoules hydrate and soothe the skin, and refresh the eye contour area. 

€ 78,00

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory formulation of Dermastir Zinc Gluconate Ampoules, will effectively treat and reduce acne and scars. 

€ 49,00

The Dermastir Vitamin C Post-Filler 25% of pure Vitamin C in solid form, a powerful and natural antioxidant that treats and prevents pigmentation and dark spots. 

€ 290,00

The exclusive formula of the Dermastir Sterile Vials H53EGF will stimulate the epidermal growth and elasticity of the skin.