€ 48,00

Dermastir PHA Acid Peel is based on Polyhydroxy Acids that have a different mechanism of action compared to other acids. 

€ 29,50

Dermastir Multivitamin Collagen Liquid Capsules combines GLA Omega 6, liquid ceramides and other important ingredients that boost the elasticity, increase the hydration levels of the skin and improves its overall health. 

€ 48,00

Dermastir whitening serum has been tested to be as effective as the leading medical standard for treating hyperpigmentation. Tyrosinase inhibition decreases the melanin production. 

€ 88,00

The ultra-rich and precious formula of Dermastir Gold Gel with 24-carat gold particles, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin, making it radiant and supple.

€ 58,00

Dermastir Leave-in Mask is an exclusive treatment that keeps the ingredients in the skin for a longer time and leaves it highly moisturized and nourished. 

€ 98,00

The Dermastir Skincare Ampoules with Collagen are essential to improve skin elasticity and firmness. 

€ 188,00

The Dermastir Diamond Peptides Ampoules are considered the most precious serum on the market today, as their exclusive formula contains real diamond powder, peptides and argan oil, for radiant and glowing skin.

€ 58,00

Dermastir Normal-to-Dry Cleanser leaves the skin smooth and radiant, thanks to its deep cleansing action that removes dead cells from the surface of the skin.