€ 68,60 € 98,00 -30%

The Co Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) contained in Dermastir CoQ10 Ampoules combats the signs of photo-aging and protects the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals. 

€ 145,00 € 290,00 -50%

The Dermastir 16 EBF Injectable vials hydrate the skin and fill the loss of the extracellular, caused by the ageing processes. 

€ 203,00 € 290,00 -30%

The Dermastir 32 EBF Injectable vials improve hydration and elasticity, and fill the loss of the extracellular matrix, caused by the ageing processes. 

€ 174,00 € 290,00 -40%

The Dermastir Hair Complex H13 Vials improve the quality of both hair and scalp, by enhancing hydration and diminishing the hair loss. 

€ 54,60 € 78,00 -30%

The Dermastir Amino Acids Ampoules moisturize and repair the skin at a cellular level, making it stronger and more supple.

€ 52,80 € 88,00 -40%

Dermastir Allantoin and Cucumber Ampoules hydrate and soothe the skin, and refresh the eye contour area. 

€ 78,40 € 98,00 -20%

The extract of Blue Lotus, contained in the Dermastir Blue Lotus Stem Cells contains a high concentration of precious ingredients, that moisturize and regenerate the skin. 

€ 24,00 € 48,00 -50%

Dermastir whitening serum has been tested to be as effective as the leading medical standard for treating hyperpigmentation. Tyrosinase inhibition decreases the melanin production. 

€ 24,00 € 48,00 -50%

This broad-spectrum anti-oxidant treatment provides advanced environmental protection to defend skin against free radicals that are known to cause cellular damage.

€ 52,20 € 58,00 -10%

Dermastir Hydraceutic cream is a moisturizing product that has protective and anti-oxidant properties, as it creates a barrier against free radicals and external damaging factors. 

€ 70,40 € 88,00 -20%

Dermastir Diamond Peptides Dropper, improve the skin colour and complexion.