€ 68,00

XHALET AMPOULES effectively stimulates and protects hair and scalp, providing a strong anti- hair loss treatment, resulting in stronger hair and healthier scalp.

€ 290,00

The Dermastir Hair Complex H13 Vials improve the quality of both hair and scalp, by enhancing hydration and diminishing the hair loss. 

€ 6,65 € 9,50 -30%

XHALET SHAMPOO is an antioxidant shampoo that stimulates, strengthens and protects the hair and the scalp, resulting in a strong and healthy hair.

€ 14,80

XHALET SOFTGELS provide the necessary nutrients that boost healthy and beautiful hair from the inside. The softgels reduce hair loss, increase the thickness of the hair shaft and also enhance the speed of hair growth.

€ 290,00

The exclusive formula of the Dermastir Sterile Vials H53EGF will stimulate the epidermal growth and elasticity of the skin. 

€ 59,00

The Gold 24k Microneedling Stamp-on is a quick and secure microneedling device that will boost the anti-aging and rejuvenating processes on the skin. 

€ 188,00

Dermastir Elettra is an exclusive high frequency device with strong anty-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerating actions.