€ 11,92 € 14,90 -20%

Altaflora Gastrogel Liquid Sachets is a first-line treatment that neutralizes gastric acidity, prevents and treats stomach ulcers. Its exclusive formula provides an emollient and calming action on the digestive system.

€ 11,84 € 14,80 -20%

The formula of VENALTA Softgel improves the microcirculation of the legs, reduces blood density and reduces the risk of damage to the veins.

€ 11,92 € 14,90 -20%

Alta Care Laboratoires has developed and produced Altaflora Digestive Enzymes Orosoluble Sachets for a high-quality effective solution that synergistically targets various issues related to the proper digestion, colon cleanse and colon hygiene.

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Altacura Influtuss Extra helps to sooth and protect the body, strengthening its natural defenses, especially during the winter months when the cold temperatures can weaken our immune system and we are more exposed to viruses and influenza.

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Cardiosteroil Garlic & CoEnzyme Q10 offers the combined action Garlic and CoQ10 - two of the most beneficial ingredients for your heart. Garlic prevents heart diseases (including atherosclerosis), lowers high cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure, while CoQ10 has an energizing effect on the heart.