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Altaflora Gastrogel Liquid Sachets is a first-line treatment that neutralizes gastric acidity, prevents and treats stomach ulcers. Its exclusive formula provides an emollient and calming action on the digestive system.

€ 46,80 € 78,00 -40%

Combining both serums, women receive an anti-aging treatment which can prevent and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and signs of photo-aging.

€ 23,60 € 29,50 -20%

The patches release the active ingredients through the skin over a period of 6 to 8 hours and play an important role in the prevention and treatment of tired and heavy legs.

€ 7,92 € 9,90 -20%

Altaflora Electrolytes Capsules help to re-establish and maintain the natural balance and stability of micro flora present in the gut and enhance the natural defenses of the body. The formula contained in Altaflora Electrolytes Capsules is unique because while it provides the flora, it also replaces the electrolytes.

€ 6,80 € 8,50 -20%

SILVIA OSTEO PLUS combines two of the most important minerals for bone health - calcium and phosphorous, and is ideal for young people, women over 50 and vegans.

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Altacura Hot Lemon Infludrink with 1000mg of vitamin C strengthens the immune system,providing a soothing and protective action, which is especially important in winter, when the cold weather can depress the defenses of the body.

€ 11,60 € 14,50 -20%

CANDI B SYRUP is a multivitamin supplement that provides all the vitamins of the B group recommended for children to strengthen their immune system during the colder months, to increase their energy levels and appetite and to enhance growth.