Dermastir Peel Off Mask - Eye Contour


€ 7,50

The Eye Contour Peel off mask will bring fresh ingredients to the eye zone, ensuring the overall regeneration of this delicate area. The Eye Contour Peel off mask eliminates impurities and prepares the skin for the following steps of the treatment.

1 x 10g
Made in France
License holder
Alta Care Laboratoires, Piazza di Spagna, 6 – 00187 Rome, Italy.


The Dermastir Peel Off Eye Contour mask leaves the delicate area around the eyes soft, luminous and firm.The rich combination of ingredients among which rice powder and alginate, produce a delicate and soft film on the eye contour, strengthening the skin’s functions.


promotes glowing, vibrant skin. This essential
protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it
to appear more youthful and healthy.

provides a fast and impressive result, erasing fine
wrinkles, tightening skin, increasing its elasticity,
leaving it fresh, supple and radiant.

cooling effect on tired eyes, brightens dark


The concentration of marine collagen reduces the expression lines and reduces the eye puffiness. The Dermastir Eye Contour Peel off mask is a safe-to-use product, as it does not contain any conservants or preservatives.

Key Points

  • Monodose mask
  • Bio-satin peel off mask
  • Based on plant extracts
  • Suitable for the delicate eye contour zone
  • Tightens the skin around the eyes and reduces eye puffiness

Directions for use

1. Mix 10g of powder with 30 ml of water at 20C temperature.
2. Using a spatula, stir quickly for 1 minute in order to get a homogenous paste.
3. Place a small piece of gauze on the closed eye of the client, in order to protect them.
4. Apply the mask with a spatula on the eyelids and the eye contour.
5. The mask will set within 5-6 minutes. Leave the mask to perform for at least 15 minutes.
6. Remove the mask by peeling it off in one whole piece.

Quantity1 x 10g
ManufactureMade in France
License holderAlta Care Laboratoires, Piazza di Spagna, 6 – 00187 Rome, Italy.

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